150 Great Australian Beers: Your guide to craft beer and beyond

150 Great Australian Beers: Your guide to craft beer and beyond

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Do you know your porters from your pales and your stouts from your saisons? Are you a home-brewing legend or a draught devotee? Or do you think dubbels and tripels are just spelling mistakes? Regardless of how much you know about beer or what you like to drink, 150 Great Australian Beers is sure to have something to please your palate.

Join beer expert James Smith in his quest to discover 150 of Australia’s greatest beers, whether they are incredibly ‘sessionable’, perfect examples of their style, off-the-wall with flavour or quirky and experimental.

Complete with the fascinating history of beer in Australia, a breakdown of the brewing process, style spotlights and guides on how to store, serve, enjoy and match beer, 150 Great Australian Beers is perfect for anyone who has ever enjoyed a pint.





















something of a forgotten hero. But whether you have tried it before and forgotten, or are yet to experience it, it’s worth discovering again and again. Brewer’s food match Thai jungle curry; strong, hard vintage cheddar Availability Draught year round; bottle seasonal Where to find it Available from website and Australia-wide at good craft beer venues Brewery and cellar door location 3443 Nelson Bay Road, Bobs Farm, New South Wales Brewery website www.murraysbrewingco.com.au India Pale

storm drain across the road. But, given the incredible way in which Dave Padden’s switch from home brewer to the commercial realm has taken the Australian craft beer scene by storm, it’s easy to forget that spot of largesse. After a couple of years spent touring existing breweries – often buying up their old gear – Riverside launched into the market with a range of US-inspired, predominantly hop-forward beers, and impressed from the outset. Already established as one of the New South Wales’

www.thelittlebrewingcompany.com.au Brown Ale MORNINGTON PENINSULA BREWERY English-style brown ale 5.0% 6-8°C Pint glass TASTING NOTES A beer I never tire of, from the soft cocoa and Ovaltine aromas through its subtly complex, multi-layered flavours that shift in tiny stages from caramel and toffee through to chocolate and nuts with the faintest hint of raisin. This is an Aussie classic. THE STORY The rise of Mornington Peninsula Brewery has been one of the great success stories of the

brewery setup. The beers from the brewery, which is located in a cute former Cobb & Co stable at the rear, have steadily improved since their first ale hit the hotel taps in 2009, and today taste as good as they ever have. This porter is the pick of the bunch, a bunch that has been appearing with greater frequency across Victoria’s beer venues in recent times. It could have something to do with the Tooborac ‘Beerbulance’, a converted ambulance into the side of which they have installed draught

depends on how long they are kilned for, at what temperature, and how much moisture is in the air (or indeed in the grains themselves) when they are kilned by the maltster. The most commonly used base malts in beers are the palest; in other words those kilned for the least amount of time at the lowest temperatures. As malts become progressively darker, the flavours, aromas and colour they lend to a beer change accordingly. While the lightest of malts used alone will give a brewer pale-yellow or

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