Beer Magazine (March/April 2009)

Beer Magazine (March/April 2009)

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fuller and more flavorful than your gas station 12-pack. Plus, the bottle’s cooler. Or try a framboise, if you’re willing to pony up for it. And if you’re buying one for me, I’ll take a Chimay Grand Reserve, please. That’s the big bottle. [36]: w BEHIND THE BREW words & photos: Derek Buono I’ve only been to Texas once before, and all I can really remember is that it was hot and humid in Houston. This time around my trip was shor home of Shiner Beer t and purposeful: visit

occasions. That means having it with meals, snacks, and even dessert. It’s hardly a secret anymore that several styles of beer are quite wonderful with chocolate. It’s probably obvious by now that barring your evil plans for revenge, avoiding these ten ways to ruin your beer will make it taste better and last longer. And perhaps living well is the best revenge. And living life well demands good beer. [48]: DON’T MISS A SINGLE ISSUE! Visit our website at: WWW.THEBEERMAG.COM

(pith) is bitter. Wash and zest the outer skin with a potato peeler or grater and as normal and cool it to 160° F. Place the separate the pith from the inner sections. fruit in a mesh bag and place the bag in the wort; pasteurize it by holding the temperature Raspberries between 150°-160° F for 15-20 minutes, then transfer to the primary fermenter. Raspberries are fairly intense, juicy, and simple This is probably the least effi cient use of fruit. During fermentation the yeast wil drive

Great balance; light malt sweetness blends superbly (out of 40) with the clean bitterness of crisp hops. 50º 45º Bitterness lingers briefl y and is quickly replaced 40º Finish: 32 by a touch of sweetness on the lips. This would be (out of 35) perfect with a pulled pork BBQ sandwich or cedar 35º plank grilled trout. 32º Brewery: Empyrean Brewing Co. Style: ESB Website: Price: $8.50/6-pack Original Gravity: 14.5 Plato Alcohol Percentage: 6.3% ABV

chicken wings, . See. and not at your pub words: Ted McCartan photos: Don Osborn & Geoff Cozine Firkin jokes are easy Other than, say, an aquarium full of lobsters, most restaurants don’t carry live products. Makes sense. One could imagine the potential problems that could arise if chefs had to chase down Foghorn Leghorn during the dinner rush. It would create an awful lot of extra work, and of course the potential for an ever-looming worker’s comp lawsuit, what with chefs running and

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