Beverage Glossary (eBook)

Beverage Glossary (eBook)

Terra Whitley

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 2:00104523

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This glossary focuses on the concept of Beverages:

1. Alcohol Glossary
2. Beer Dictionary
3. Cocktail Glossary A-F
4. Cocktail Glossary G-M
5. Cocktail Glossary N-Z
6. Coffee Glossary
7. Dairy Glossary
8. Tea Glossary
9. Whiskey Index
10. Whiskey Glossary A-B
11. Whiskey Glossary C-K
12. Whiskey Glossary L-Z
13. Wine Glossary A-E
14. Wine Glossary F-N
15. Wine Glossary O-Z
















optional, but highly recommended), 1 or 2 lemons, Worcestershire Sauce, maggi juice, Black-Label Valentina Sauce (hard to get for people outside of Mexico), salt, pepper, chilled beer mug, ice. Have a beer mug chilled, then frost it with salt and lemon. Pour in about 25 to 35 mL of Valentina Sauce. Squeeze in your lemons. Add some Worcestershire sauce, then the Maggi juice. Now, salt and pepper to taste, then stir. Add your 120 mL of Clamato, then keep stirring. Finally, pour in your beer while

rum, add ice cubes, add 2 oz (60 mL) soda water. Stir well, garnish with a sprig of mint. The mint leaves should be gently bruised with a muddler or similar implement in the bottom of an empty tall glass. add the sugar and lime, and then the rum. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Mix everything together and top the glass with soda (club soda). Molotov Cocktail 1/2 shot (15 mL) Vodka (cheap vodka is best, meant to burn going down), 1/2 shot (15 mL) Everclear (151 can be used but it would change the

protein, and immunoglobulins that may be directly absorbed by the newborn calf in its first 24 hours of life. Commodity Barn Commodity Storage - Usually a steel framed shed that provides storage for commodity feeds, such as cottonseed, brewers grains, chopped hay, etc. Composting Pad - A concrete or hard packed surface that provides an area on which manure and discarded feed may be composted with ready access to aerate the composting materials. Concentrates - High energy or high protein feeds

raising replacement dairy heifers. Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) - A specific testing plan which requires supervision and compliance with all official DHI rules. Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) - An organization with programs and objectives intended to improve the production and profitability of dairy farming. Aids farmers in keeping milk production and management records. Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR) - A modification of the DHIA program to make milk production records

Whiskey Bourbon Seagram Covent Garden Scotland Blended This blended whisky is at Campbeltown sold exclusively in Cadenhead's shop in Convent Graden. Cradle Mountain Australia Malt Whisky Single Malt Small Concern Whisky Distillery Cragganmore Scotland Highland Speyside Single Malt 12 Years old. Classic Malt of Scotland Craigellachie Scotland Highland Speyside - Malt. - Crawford's Tree Star Scotland Blended Whyte and Mackay. Crescent Japan Japanese Whisky Kirin Seagram

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