Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Ken Grossman

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1118007360

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Personal tales of perseverance and beer making from the founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Beyond the Pale chronicles Ken Grossman's journey from hobbyist homebrewer to owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., one of the most successful craft breweries in the United States. From youthful adventures to pioneering craft brewer, Ken Grossman shares the trials and tribulations of building a brewery that produces more than 800,000 barrels of beer a year while maintaining its commitment to using the finest ingredients available. Since Grossman founded Sierra Nevada in 1980, part of a growing beer revolution in America, critics have proclaimed his beer to be "among the best brewed anywhere in the world."

  • Beyond the Pale describes Grossman's unique approach to making and distributing one of America's best-loved brands of beer, while focusing on people, the planet and the product
  • Explores the "Sierra Nevada way," as exemplified by founder Ken Grossman, which includes an emphasis on sustainability, nonconformity, following one's passion, and doing things the right way
  • Details Grossman's start, home-brewing five-gallon batches of beer on his own, becoming a proficient home brewer, and later, building a small brewery in the town of Chico, California

Beyond the Pale shows how with hard work, dedication, and focus, you can be successful following your dream.





















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aspiring brewer in the California Central Valley realized that the cost of entering the business with such a large brewery was well out of his budget. His wife had grown up in Würzburg, Germany, the town next to Kitzingen, where Huppmann, one of Europe’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of brewing equipment, was headquartered. He had contacted Huppmann during a visit to his wife’s family and tasked them to find a used, smaller, traditional copper brewhouse. Huppmann located one, so he

told he needed to sell it to cover other obligations. I was furious. He owed us around $13,000—a significant percentage of our overall operating budget. Paul, Harrison, and I believed we had a good working relationship with the distributor. We attempted to resolve the matter without involving attorneys, but because I couldn’t get anything tangible in writing that gave me any assurance that I would ever get paid, we hired a lawyer. After months of wrangling we received a settlement of $0.10 on the

deposit allowed us to walk away from the Gilman Way building when we were done, and that’s pretty much what we did. On one hand, it was fun knocking holes in the walls to facilitate the removal of tanks, equipment, pipes and wiring, knowing it was the last time we would have to put up with the cramped facility. On the other hand, it was also the end of a long, hard era that had required a lot of sacrifice and held many memories. Still, I was so tired of some of the makeshift systems that I had

everything we can control in each department and then see how we can improve year over year. Even if it’s only a fraction of a percent, there is always room for improvement. We post the monthly KPIs on several interactive screens around the brewery to allow all employees to see our results. Although there are industry benchmarks for some of the areas we track, our business is unique, so I find it best to focus on what we do and how to improve it. It’s like the cliché: you are only competing

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