Mixologist: The Journal of the European Cocktail, Volume 3

Mixologist: The Journal of the European Cocktail, Volume 3

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THREE YEARS AND THOUSANDS of miles have passed since the last time we visited the cocktail and spirit world with you. Our move to the UK, in 2007, has given us a new perspective on the bartending world and the people that inhabit it. Ever since the profession was born, mixologists and drinks writers have travelled the globe in search of new experiences, different ingredients, and inspiring combinations. We’ve looked at the industry in America. Now it’s time to look at the world beyond the United States to see how cocktails developed in Europe. In this volume, the third, of Mixologist: The Journal of the European Cocktail, our intrepid travelling cocktailians take us on a tour of the path of the bartender as seen through the eyes of drinks guru Gary Regan. Sue Leckie details why the legendary master Peter Dorelli is such an inspired spirit. Albert Montserrat pays tribute to is mentor and her father, Maria Dolores and Miguel Boadas. A charmer in his own right, Phil Duff discloses the essential secrets of cultivating bartender-right charm. Brief histories of two highly-regarded guilds, the UKBG and the IBA, are presented by Lynn Byron and Domenico Constanzo, respectively. Master Salvatore Calabrese sets the record straight about the crystal-clear, potent Dukes Martini. Sue Leckie returns to prove that not all of Britain’s best bars and bartenders reside in London. A century of German bar culture is eloquently presented by Stefan Gabány. And as a finale, a century of Spanish cocktails is presented with all the passion and ecstasy of a true aficionado by Alberto Gomez Font. Naturally, we had to put in our two pence. This time, we uncover a few surprises in the origins and bloodline of the world’s favourite morning pick-me-up, the Bloody Mary. We take you through the halls and the history of Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux, a place that is very near and dear to our hearts. Hope you enjoy your grand tour of Europe and its cocktails.
















mixed with sugar dissolved in water from the fountain. The other recipe was mulberry brandy made by distilling the crushed and fermented fruit. The first job of her child Perico, born in 1899, was serving mulberry spirit to the workers in the market. That child could have not imagined at the time that most part of his life was going to be related to distilled spirits and liqueurs and their combination with other ingredients. He started working to contribute to the family economy out of

over 8000 bottles of wines dating back to 1834 and spirits to 1811, thousands of wine and spirits labels, well over a thousand menus from around the world, nearly 600 pieces of glassware, vintage distillation books and equipment as well as history and recipe books related to drinks, wine, and spirits. Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux is the world’s largest, oldest, and most comprehensive museum of its kind that is open to the public. Situated along the Côte d’Azur in France is a

latest in reversible conservation techniques, items were treated and stored to preserve and extend their life for viewing by future generations researchers and the general public. The next year, the building itself was given a facelift. Essential maintenance was only the beginning. Lights were installed throughout the museum for the first time in its existence. The frescoes that adorn the interior were cleaned and restored. UV coated windows were installed to protect the collection from damaging

1811 Roi du Rome Cognac created to celebrate the birth of Napoleon’s son whose title at birth was the Roi du Rome. The doors on the cabinet were closed and locked for at least 25 years. No one on the island could remember ever seeing the cabinets open. So when they were finally opened again, in 2007, it was like a time capsule. On the left side were thousands of wine and spirits labels mounted on stiff paper that had never been placed on bottles. Some of the labels were prototypes for products

time—and at the top of his fuckin’ voice. “I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.” Blosh lingered long on that last word. Real long. When the song was over there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Blosh would finish his pint, and he would leave peacefully. He didn’t want to fuck up in the only place left in town where he could get some stuff off his chest without actually beating the crap out of someone. For Bernard, the role of the pub landlord came very easily. He was born

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