Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, From Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy

Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, From Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy

Jessica B. Harris

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 0811866998

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With recipes for 40 of the Caribbean's classic and contemporary cocktails and 15 traditional snacks to accompany them, Rum Drinks provides a tropical taste vacation. More than a cocktail book, Rum Drinks is your ultimate rum resource, including salty talesfrom a history of the sugar trade to the sparkly heydey of the Cuba Librean island-by-island listing of Caribbean rums, and a guide to great rum bars all over the world.













(pages 39 to 40) 2 ounces white rhum agricole, such as Rhum Damoiseau or Rhum Dillon Put the syrup in an old-fashioned (bucket) glass or a small wide-mouthed stemmed glass. Pour in the rhum. Stir until well mixed. Serve immediately. NOTE Some add an ice cube, but this is considered anathema by many. Punch à la Noix de Coco From piña coladas to rum and coconut water, the fruit of the coco palm seems a natural pairing with the elixir of the cane reed. Here is a different twist on the

the island’s cool breezes and fresh atmosphere. makes 1 drink 2 ounces white rum, such as Bacardi Light or Havana Club 4 ounces freshly squeezed strained grapefruit juice Ice cubes Combine the ingredients in a highball glass and stir with a bar spoon until well mixed. Serve immediately. Shandy This is a classic colonial cooler that I’ve sampled in former British colonies from Bridgetown to Nairobi to New Delhi. It’s simply a mix of beer (the local brand is best) with fizzy lemonade.

remember back in Harry Belafonte’s heyday hearing an old calypso called “Coconut Woman” that stayed with me; it was about drinking rum and coconut water and the effects that the beverage had on the individual. It went: “It could make you very tipsy, make you feel like a gypsy . . . Coco got a lotta iron, make you strong like a lion.” At the time, I certainly knew nothing of the delights of demon rum. Now, after many trips, when I see a coconut vendor in the very nontropical streets of my

heatproof glass like an Irish Coffee glass. makes 1 drink 2 tablespoons Caribbean Spiced Sugar (page 41) 1½ ounces Jamaican-style dark rum, such as Appelton, plus more for rimming 1 ounce Tia Maria 4 ounces hot black Jamaican coffee Whipped cream Put the spiced sugar in a saucer. Rub the edge of a heatproof glass with rum and then place it upside down on the saucer to coat the rim of the glass with the sugar. Slowly pour the 1½ ounces rum and the Tia Maria into the glass and add the

the island circulating at cocktail time. Modern-day pirates rubbed shoulders with pale-skinned newcomers, their sharp eyes evaluating the worth of each summer cotton frock and gold-braceleted arm and calculating schemes and scams. Paint-daubed artists sought solace in the bottom of glasses, weary island-exiled writers fled from the blank page, socialites fought ennui, and white linen–suited Aubelin Jolicoeur, the model for Greene’s character Petitpierre, hovered: a celebrity in search of an

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