Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits & Liqueurs

Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits & Liqueurs

Joseph Piercy

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 075245756X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A funny and fascinating guide to liqueurs and spirits, featuring more than 60 drinks from 40 countries and easy-to-follow guides to making liqueurs at home
From the Eastern European favorite Becherovka whose recipe is known to only two people; to classic cocktail ingredients like Midori, the bright green Japanese melon drink that was launched at the Studio 54 wrap party for Saturday Night Fever, Goldwasser, the gold-flecked German drink that has been brewed since the 16th century and is supposed to have alchemical effects—this collection tells the stories behind the word's most extraordinary drinks. Alongside the A–Z is a series of easy-to-follow recipes for liqueurs and spirits, for readers eager to concoct their own fruit brandies or make a traditional summer cup like PIMMS. The more than 100 cocktail and shooter recipes include, of course, the classic 1980s cocktail the Slippery Nipple.


















granted citizenship of Danzig towards the end of the sixteenth century and created Danziger Goldwasser (Gold Water of Danzig) as a gift to the city for providing him with sanctuary from the Inquisition. Vermollen started a small distillery, which he called Der Lachs on account of the metal sculpture of a salmon that hung above the doorway (houses in Danzig were not distinguished by numbers but by animal symbols). Goldwasser became something of a sensation, with the fame of the golden drink

merger eventually led to a management buy-out in 2007 and the establishment of a new company under the traditional name of Lucas Bols B.V. In addition to their trademark genevers, Bols also produces a range of over thirty specialist liqueurs. Genevers can traditionally be divided into two distinct forms of ‘oude’ and ‘jonge’ (literally ‘old’ and ‘young’) which relate to methods of production more than any sustained aging process. Oude is comprised of a blend of distilled malt wine infused with

plentifully in the region. Sloes are picked when semi-ripe as it is believed that these impart the best flavour and colouring. Mature or over-ripe berries lose their essential colouring agents during soaking and younger, under-ripe green sloes are considered too bitter to properly balance the flavour. Master producers subject wild sloes to a pinch test to determine their suitability. This entails squashing a sloe berry between thumb and forefinger and ‘reading’ the colour of the juice that

homemade, brandy. In Serbia and Bulgaria, macerated plums and apricots are most commonly used at the optimum point of ripeness and distilled by gentle boiling in large copper pots. The origins of rakia (or rakija) are uncertain. The Slavs began to spread and settle in the Balkans throughout the sixth and seventh centuries. Historical documentation refers to the popularity and production of a honey-based spirit known as medovača and rakia probably developed through experimentation with the use of

further two to three days before drinking (you may want to filter a second time to remove any further sediment). Cheers!

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