The Bible of Homemade Italian Liqueurs

The Bible of Homemade Italian Liqueurs

Carlotta Melzi d'Este

Language: English

Pages: 379

ISBN: 2:00214275

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Imagine a lazy afternoon on Lake Como, enjoying the fragrance of an Orange Rosolio and the delicacy of a Gueffus pastry.

Or a warm night in Rome, tasting a Prickly Pear Ratafià served with a Ricotta and Tangerine pudding…

The Bible of Homemade Italian Liqueurs is the complete guide to the ancient art of liqueur making; more than 90 recipes from the well known Limoncello and Alchermes, to the surprising Dried Figs Ratafià, the Mushroom Liqueur and Red Poppy Rosolio.

Italian tradition offers you an amazing variety of liqueurs made with flowers, fruit and vegetables; but it also includes plenty of recipes of flavored wines, such as the famous Barolo Chinato or the Hawthorn Wine.

Italian families traditionally offer something to taste with their homemade liqueurs; so there is a pastry recipe matching every liqueur recipe.

You can offer a Lumicedda with a Violet Rosolio or a Melon Granita made with Melon Cream Liqueur.

Italian liqueurs are also used to prepare cocktails; every section offers you hints and recipes about known or original cocktails.

There are also historical notes and funny stories about the origin of the liqueurs.

To complete the book there is an appendix explaining the origins of the different kind of alcoholic infusions and also the procedures and the best ingredients and equipment to use to prepare your liqueurs.

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area. In the XVI century Caterina de Medici, a Florentin noblewoman who married the French king Henry II, diffused it all over the European Courts. Alchermes is used in Italian cuisine as ingredients in fritters, in the Zuppa Inglese and Tiramisù recipes and everywhere you need its beautiful scarlet color. Sample in this book are Castagnole with Alchermes and Crescionda di Spoleto recipes. Castagnole with Alchermes (Typical Lombardy fritters recipe) Ingredients: 1 lb of flour 8

filter. Put in a bottle with the alcohol. Let rest for 1 month. Boil a cup of almond milk with 3 crushed cardamom seeds and 2 tablespoons of sugar for 5 minutes. Let cool. Pour over ice in a large glass 2 parts of the flavored almond milk, 2 parts of Spicy Chocolate Liqueur, 1 part of Rum, 3 parts of pear juice and stir. Mix in a highball glass 1 sweetened hot Espresso coffee, the same quantity of Spicy Chocolate Liqueur and 2 drops of mint extract. Garnish with mint leaves and serve

Ingredients: 1 liter of alcohol 95º 1 cup of violet flower 1 ½ liters of water 6 ½ cups of sugar Pick the violets in the early morning of a sunny day and use them immediately. Gently wash and dry the flowers. Use only the petals. Put the violet petals and the alcohol in an airtight jar. Let soak for 1 day. Filter, saving the violets. Make a syrup with the sugar and the water. Put the violets in a bowl and pour the boiling syrup on them. Let rest the syrup and the petals for 1 day

Liqueur, 1 part of fresh cream and stir. Miascia (Typical Lombardy cake) Ingredients: 3 ½ tbsp of raisins 1 apple 1 pear 4 crumbled amaretti cookies 1 lb of stale bread ½ liter of milk 2 eggs 3 ½ tbsp pine nuts 7 tbsp of sugar 1/2 glass of Pear Grappa dark chocolate chips Soak the raisins in warm water for half an hour, then wring out the water. Cut the apple and the pear in slices and then in little cubes. Cut the bread into slices. Let soak it in the milk for about

figs 3 ½ tbsp Cocoa powder 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 ½ cup of sugar 1 cup of flour a pinch of salt 2 tsp baking powder Nutmeg powder 1 big pinch 6 eggs whites ½ cup of sweet white wine icing sugar Soak the raisins in warm water for half an hour. Put the almons in the mixer and reduce into a powder. Add the Amaretti, the biscuits, the Savoiardi to the almond powder and crumble them very well. Put everything in a large bowl. Chop the dried figs in the mixer, then add them to the

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