The Encyclopedia of Beer : The Beer Lover's Bible - A Complete Reference to Beer Styles, Brewing Methods, Ingredients, Festivals, Traditions, and More)

The Encyclopedia of Beer : The Beer Lover's Bible - A Complete Reference to Beer Styles, Brewing Methods, Ingredients, Festivals, Traditions, and More)

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The beer renaissance is in full swing. All over the country, people are rediscovering the many varieties of beer and the brewing tradition, lost earlier this century in the wake of Prohibition. This A-Z celebration of beers and brewing around the world covers breweries and their products, various beer styles, brewing terminology, and much more.











knightly pretenses. It would be an insult to all knights to have riffraff refer to themselves as knights of anything. This class distinction lingers to this day in England, where, in many public houses, there is often a bar for blue-collar workers and one for the genteel classes. “Come all you brave wrights, That are dubbed ale-knights … Know malt is of mickle might.” —Wits’ Recreations ALE-POST See ALE-STAKE. ALE-STAKE A broom or stick originally placed upright in front of an alehouse to

Capital Gartenbräu Oktoberfest (Wisconsin) 1989 13.11/1.0533.74.7%18≈9 Paulaner Oktoberfest (Germany) 1986 13.6/1.0552.86.7%228.7 Spaten Ur-Märzen Oktoberfest Malt Liquor (Germany) 1985 13.3/1.0542.95.3%218.3 See VIENNA BEER. OKTOBERFEST — MUNICH Living in one of the world’s great brewing nations, Germans do not need an excuse to drink beer. Luckily, they have come up with some good ones anyway, as well as the beers to go with them: holiday beers for Christmas, doppelbocks for Lent, bocks in

used to produce pale beers. Color is expressed in degrees SRM (Standard Reference Method), or just SRM, which is similar to, but not quite the same as, the old Lovibond measure, which is still used to measure the color contributions of malts. The higher the SRM number, the darker the beer is. The European Brewery Convention (EBC) also has color descriptors that are somewhat related to SRM. The relationship is variable as follows: 1 degree EBC = 2.65 degrees SRM less 1.2 1 degree SRM = 0.375

barley grown in the Moravian region of old Bohemia. This 14th-century Bohemian brewery was connected to a convent. The water of Plzen is softer (51 ppm hardness) than most famous brewing waters, and this requires a mashing cycle that is three times longer than usual to ensure proper acidity for protein and starch conversion. Brewing Method The brewery in Plzen has recently been modernized, but until that happened, Pilsner Urquell was brewed with equipment and methods almost identical to those

been made with fruits such as apples, cranberries, kiwifruit, plums, grapes, pears, and apricots. Fruit can be added to almost any style of beer, although strongly flavored or dark beers often dominate the subtler flavors and aromas of the fruit. Nevertheless, the darker styles often work well with some types of fruit. For example, raspberry dunkel weizens and raspberry porters have won kudos for quite a few brewers. Most often, though, a pale ale or wheat beer is used as the basis for a fruit

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