Wasted: Tales of a Genx Drunk

Wasted: Tales of a Genx Drunk

Mark Gauvreau Judge

Language: English

Pages: 259

ISBN: 1568381425

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cynicism and black humor underscore this hard-edged memoir of a young journalist's downward spiral into alcoholism. Mark Judge describes his progression through the thrill of early recovery to disenchantment with traditional recovery models and his search for the information and sense of meaning he needed to come to terms with his addiction and his life.





















out for a few minutes, then I reached for her chest. I figured I could breeze through that part then quickly move on to the final goal. My hand wasn't even halfway there when she stopped me. "Mark," she said incredulously, "I hope your not thinking this is going there." "No, no," I said, trying to sound innocent. "I just thought, maybe" Page 40 "You thought I'd feel sorry for you and give it up." I rolled onto my back. "Where are the cards?"

porch from a wooden staircase on the beach. Becky tried to introduce me to her friends, but I was still too drunk to pay attention. I just wanted to go to sleep. I went into the house and landed on the sofa. I laid my head on the pillow and began to lose consciousness, but not before realizing that I had entered a magical new world. A few hours earlier I had been at home, constrained within the parameters of parents, school, and church, but suddenly everything was different. After crossing

air. "It is the sin of arrogance, and the guilty are rich Catholic schoolgirls. Under the lash of their tyranny, we are forced into a compromise with Satan. We are forced to endure Page 134 inane chatter with their fathers before taking them out. They make us obey their curfews. They must repent and be punished!" A cheer went up. Corey looked at his watch. "Fellow soldiers of God, it is now midnight. Let the Inquisition ride!" We piled into our cars. I had driven myself

called me last night and asked me to come out and talk to you. You told me you thought you were an alcoholic. You took a very important step, Mark, even if you don't remember it. You admitted that you have a problem." I didn't say anything. "Listen," he said. "I know you've had a rough day, but I'm on my way to a meeting now, and I'll take you along if you want to go. If not, I'll be happy just to drop you home." "Whatever." "Whatever what? Whatever let's go to the meeting, or

which is the last thing a toxic, newly sober alcoholic should hear. The psychological problemsresentment, depression, immaturityare the symptoms of the disease, not the cause. Even more striking was Milam's research on how alcoholism affects the brain. Milam claims that alcoholics have a malfunction in the liver that causes acetaldehyde, a toxic by-product of alcohol, to build up. The acetaldehyde gets into the bloodstream and then the brain, where something remarkable happens. They combine

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