NowLedge Tech

NowLedge Tech provides services and training to enable development and support of IoT applications. Our broad expertise enables a full range of service offerings from system conception and requirements capture to SoC design and verification, board prototyping, embedded design, and application software development.

NowLedge Tech offers expert services in the following areas:



Early Product Development and Specifications

NowLedge Tech experts partner with you in early stages of product development and specification.


Embedded software design and verification

NowLedge Tech has significant experience in developing embedded software per customer specifications. Our embedded software expertise includes complete board support packages and operating system porting, middleware and library porting, and software updates. System-level software validation ensures correct functionality of embedded software originating from different sources and/or developed by multiple teams: internal full-time resources, software intellectual property (IP), contract resources, and custom development. NowLedge Tech provides holistic system-level software validation services with the goal of helping you deliver your products to the market on time, every time.


Low Power Design and Verification

The NowLedge Tech engineering team has the knowledge and capability for addressing your low power challenges from system-level design and specification down to physical implementation. This includes software/hardware trade-offs, latest power analysis/estimation approaches and power reduction techniques, developing complete low-power methodologies or refining existing ones, andefficient and robust Power Verification methodologies.



Mixed Signal Design and Verification

NowLedge Tech has world-class experts ready to be your partner in managing the complexities of design and verification of your mixed signal IP’s and SoC’s.



NowLedge Tech also provides training in several areas